Wednesday, July 12, 2017

One of Humanity's Strongest Attributes

Today's Seth is a mantra that we should repeat often, except I would have preferred the word "spiritual" to "religious".  I believe that is what Seth meant.  One can be religious without being spiritual and vice versa.  Spirituality in the sense described in this Seth quote is really an awareness of the gift of life and vitality, an awareness of the true grace that embraces us.

"One of man's strongest attributes is religious feeling.  It is the part of psychology most often overlooked.  There is a natural religious knowledge with which you are born.  ...  It is a biological spiritually translated into verbal terms.  It says: "Life is a gift (and not a curse).  I am a unique, worthy creature in the natural world, which everywhere surrounds me, gives me sustenance, and reminds me of the greater source from which I myself and the world both emerge.  My body is delightfully suited to its environment, and comes to me, again, from that unknown source which shows itself through all of the events of the physical world"."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 814)

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