Friday, July 14, 2017

The Power of Myth

Our education system, technology and computer records are based upon what we think are facts ... facts in this limited 3D, linear time, dualistic representation of infinity.  This infinity has multiple dimensions (as our theorists are just starting to realize) and consists of all possibilities. Our "facts" are gross superficial simplifications which ensnare us further in the illusion if not accompanied by an active, creative imagination and an open mind. 

Today's Seth really shows the power of myths ... the power to give rise to epochs and entire civilizations!  It behooves us to dream wonderful dreams, find meaning in the moment and to love ... that's how we create new, beautiful realities ... that's how we express our inner nature, as the exuberant  creator Gods that we really are.

"Facts are a very handy but weak brew of reality.  They immediately consign certain kinds of experiences as real and others as not.  The psyche, however, will not be so limited.  It exists in a medium of reality, a realm of being in which all possibilities exist.  It creates myths the way the ocean creates spray.  Myths are originally psychic fabrications of such power and strength that whole civilizations can rise from their source.  They involve symbols and known emotional validities that are then connected to the physical world, so that the world is never the same again.
"They cast their light over historical events because they are responsible for those events.  They mix and merge the inner, unseen, but felt, eternal psychic experience of man with the temporal events of his physical days, and form a combination that structures thoughts and beliefs from civilization to civilization."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 817)

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