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The Way Toward Health - May 31, 1984

May 31, 1984

These concepts have many cousins, so that we actually have an entire family of beliefs that are all in one way or another related.

Foremost, connected with the distortions about creativity and expression, is the belief that knowledge itself is dangerous, evil, and bound to lead to disaster.  Here, innocence is seen as synonymous with ignorance.  What you actually have behind such a belief is a fear of free will and of making choices.

The more extensive your knowledge, the more aware you are of probable actions, and of the conglomeration of choices that then become available.  There are also people, then, with an intense thirst for knowledge who believe that knowledge is indeed good and beneficial, while on the other hand they believe just as fervently that knowledge is forbidden and dangerous.

All of these instances lead, of course, to severe dilemmas, and often pull an individual in two directions at once.  They are the cause, also, of many spiritual, emotional, and physical difficulties.

It should probably be noted here also that this suspicion of knowledge is intensified when the female sex is involved, for the legends quite erroneously give the impression that knowledge is twice as disastrous if possessed by a woman.  This should be kept in mind whenever we discuss beliefs that are specifically sexually oriented.

It must seem obvious that behind all such beliefs lies the distrust of nature, man, and life itself.

We must also remember, however, that in a fashion beliefs themselves are tools, and in some situations beliefs that seem quite negative can also clear the way for more beneficial ones.  With all of this discussion of negative beliefs, therefore, it is a good idea not to call any beliefs bad or evil in themselves.  They are no more bad or evil in their own way, say, than viruses are in theirs.  If you look upon them in that manner, you will avoid being overwhelmed by what seems to be an endless parade of negative thoughts and beliefs that can only lead to destruction.  Instead, compare the negative beliefs, for example, with the storms that sweep the country:  they have their purposes – and all in all those purposes tend to promote and support life itself.

While we are still in the middle of such discussions, however, remind yourself that any situation can be changed for the better.  Remind yourself constantly that the most favorable solution to a problem is at least as probable as the most unfortunate “solution”.  Remind yourselves also that despite all of your worrying, the spirit of life itself is continually within your experience, and forms your physical body.

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