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The Way Toward Health - June 1, 1984

June 1, 1984

Large numbers of the population do indeed live unsatisfactory lives, with many individuals seeking goals that are nearly unattainable because of the conglomeration of conflicting beliefs that all vie for their attention.  They are at cross purposes with themselves.

This leads not only to private dilemmas, illnesses, and seemingly futile relationships – but also to national misunderstandings, entanglements, and world disorders.  There are indeed ways of breaking through such conflicts, however, and those broader avenues of expression, peace, and satisfaction are available to each individual, however unfortunate the entire picture seems to be.

It is possible, therefore, to improve your health, and to deepen the quality of all of your experience.

In terms of earthly life as you understand it, it is overly optimistic to imagine that eventually all illnesses will be conquered, all relationships be inevitably fulfilling, or to foresee a future in which all people on earth are treated with equality and respect.  For one thing, in that larger framework mentioned earlier in this book, illness itself is a part of life’s overall activity.  Disease states, so-called, are as necessary to physical life as normal health is, so we are not speaking of a nirvana on earth – but we are saying that it is possible for each reader of this book to quicken his or her private perceptions, and to extend and expand the quality of ordinary consciousness enough so that by contrast to current experience, life could almost be thought of as “heaven on earth”.

This involves a re-education of the most profound nature.  All of the conflicting beliefs that have been mentioned thus far are the end result of what I have called before the “official line of consciousness”.  Certainly, people experienced disease long before those conflicting beliefs began – but again, that is because of the part that disease states play in the overall health of individuals and of the world.

What we are going to have to do, then, is start over.  It is indeed quite possible to do so, for you will be working with material with which you are intimately familiar: your own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

You must start from your present position, of course, but there is no person who cannot better his or her position to a considerable degree, if the effort is made to follow through with the kind of new hypotheses that we will here suggest.  These ideas are to some extent already present, though they have not predominated in world experience.

This alternate way of thinking is biologically pertinent, for it should be obvious now that certain beliefs and ideas serve to foster health and vitality, while others impede it.

These ideas are translations of the emotional attitudes of all portions of nature and of life itself.  They are better than any medicine, and they promote the expression of value fulfillment of all kinds of life, whatever its form.

A note:  This will be the last chapter of the first part of the book – which is to be called “Dilemmas”.  The beginning of the next chapter when we start it, will be the first chapter of the second part, to be called “Starting Over”.

I want to remind you both that what I am saying is indeed possible, and more possible than not.

Ruburt can start at his present position, as each person must begin with the situation at hand.  The point of power is in the present.

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