Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Thinking is a product of cellularly attuned consciousness

Thinking also rests firmly in the reality of cellularly attuned consciousness.

“Thought takes time, and exists by virtue of cellular composition.  Consciousness not focused in cellular construction involves itself with a kind of direct cognition, involving comprehensions that come in a more circular fashion.
The creative act is your closest experience to direct cognition.  While your consciousness thinks of itself in physical terms, whether you are living or dead, then you will still largely utilize thinking patterns with which you are familiar.  Your consciousness is cellularly attuned in life, in that it perceives its own reality through cellular function that forms the bodily apparatus.  The psyche is larger than that physically attuned consciousness, however.  It is the larger context in which you exist.  It is intertwined with your own reality as you think of it.  On those occasions when you are able to alter your focus momentarily, then the psyche’s greater experiences come into play.  You are able to at least sense your existence apart from its cellular orientation.  The experience, however, is circular, and therefore very difficult to verbalize or to organize into your normal patterns of information.
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 785)

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