Friday, April 28, 2017

Dream Communication

Seth (and, for example, Edgar Cayce) emphasize the importance of dream work.  We dream constantly ... not just night dreams and day dreams but between manifested moments of physical experience.  In fact, we have a continuum of conscious states:  with what we call awake at one extreme, and what we call asleep at the other extreme.  In between is the continuum of altered states of consciousness where fun stuff happens.

When one thinks about it, the network required to keep our world ticking is mind boggling ... and we're only scraping the surface.  Recall the infinite size and complexity of the multiple universe reality, then dreams are how our consciousness "scuba dives" into the magnificent depths of other physical and nonphysical worlds.  It's been said that we are more conscious when we are dreaming ... and we'd have to be to explore the vastness of the Inner Reality.

“Because you perceive events in the way that you do, of course, you see the familiar physical universe.  Dream events, not as precise in space and time, often serve as a framework through which some evidence of other universes can be glimpsed.  No system is closed, so there are interactions, so to speak, between all universes.  No psychological system is closed either, even while it retains an inviolate nature that is indestructible.
“Dreams, then, operate as vast mass communicative networks, far more effective at certain levels of the psyche than, for example, television is at a physical level.
“The dream state can be used then as a psychological or psychic platform to view other realities, and to glimpse the inner mechanics by which nonphysical events become actualized in your world.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 789)

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