Friday, April 14, 2017


From one end of reality you shout: “Where is God?” and from the other end the answer comes: “I am Me”.  From the other end of reality, God goes shouting: “Who am I?” and finds himself in you.  You are therefore a part of the source, and so is everything else manifest. Because God is, you are.  Because you are, God is.
“On a conscious level certainly you are not all that God is, for that is the unstated, unmanifest portion of yourself.  Your being rides upon that unstated reality, as a letter of the alphabet rides upon the inner organizations that are implied by its existence.  In those terms your unstated portions “reach backwards to a Source called God”, as various languages can be traced back to their source.  Master languages can be compared to the historic gods.  Each person alive is a part of the living God, supported in life by the magnificent power of nature, which is God translated into the elements of the earth and the universe.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 781)

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