Saturday, April 29, 2017

No Dream Is Stillborn

I love the idea that we are dreams of our Higher Self and that our dreams can give birth to personalities and realities that are launched in the unending quest of value fulfillment and making known the unknowns (as Ramtha would say).

Infinity is really big.  In one lifetime there is so much to experience and so little time, so we literally explode into probable selves, constantly, that radiate in all directions of a multidimensional universe to experience all aspects of a given moment - both "positive" and "negative".  Holding "positive" intent and a love of Being draws our attention to the most joy filled and loving probabilities and we literally shift ourselves, our immediate reality, and humanity in a "positive" direction and we can enjoy our journey and feel a true sense of fulfillment.

“I am a personified energy source – but so are you.  I have had many lives, in your terms, yet in other, terms I have not lived physically, but rather lent or loaned my energy to lives that rose from my reality but were not me.  In the same way you give birth to dream images of your own – hardly aware that you have done so, unconscious of the fact that you have provided impetus for a kind of psychological reality that quite escapes your notice.  The dream stories you begin continue on their own.  No dream is stillborn.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 790)

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