Sunday, April 30, 2017

Our Swarm Consciousness

Ramtha points out that everything is composed of consciousness and energy.  Our bodies are made of organs, cells, molecules, atoms, fundamental particles, etc.: a hierarchy of structure ultimately of quantized energy.  So too, our consciousness is composed of quantized consciousness or "consciousness units".  These CUs, as Seth refers to them, operate beyond time and space and literally have no boundaries and each CU is aware of all other CUs ... like what Quantum Mechanics has shown us about fundamental particles.  And just like fundamental particles in Quantum Mechanics can "pop" into a particle of physicality, so can we structure quantized energy and pop a moment of our personal physical reality.  Enjoy your "pop"!

“Any section of the land has an identity, so to speak, and I am not talking symbolically.  Such identities represent the combined organizations of consciousness of land, man, and animal, within any given realm.  Simply enough put, there are as many kinds of consciousness as there are particles, and these are combined in infinite fashions.  In the dream state some of that experience, otherwise closed to you, forms the background of the dream drama.  Your consciousness is not one thing like a flashlight, that you possess.  It is instead a literally endless conglomeration of points of consciousness, swarming together to form your validity – stamped, as it were, with your identity.

“Whether dispersed, concentrated in a tight grouping, appearing “alone” of flying through other larger swarms, that particular organization represents your identity.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 791)

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