Sunday, April 16, 2017

Atoms and Molecules Are Conscious

Being educated as a physicist, there was no room for consciousness.  Consciousness is assumed to arise as an epiphenomenon when atoms randomly grouped into molecules, DNA, cells and eventually bodies with brains.  This was as depressing a philosophy and made as little sense as thinking that the universe just exploded from nothing in a random act of nothingness and, like any explosion, is just mindlessly blowing out into chaos and eventually disappearing into a puff of nothing again.

Seth makes it very clear in many readings that there is a vast, conscious, source of everything that we can perceive and beyond (All That Is).  Atoms and molecules are then living components of All That Is.  These fundamental particles are endowed with a range of awareness, conscious choice and action ... much like us, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, our universe and other universes and creations, but on different scales.

Laws of physics are really, then, observed social behaviour of various classes of living entities (the sociology and psychology of matter).  In fact as we approach the smallest limits of "observation" (i.e. quantum mechanics) this ability of fundamental particles to sense their surroundings and to make choices becomes readily apparent since we can only predict probable actions of fundamental particles.  By the way, quantum entanglement is just the way these particles are self aware and aware of each other outside of time and 3-D space.


The atoms and molecules themselves possess kinds of consciousness impossible for you to analyze, because the scales of your activities are so different.  They are information-gathering processes, however, containing codified electromagnetic properties that slip between all of your devices.  The atoms and molecules and all of the seemingly smaller “particles” within them are, again, information-carrying processes, and upon them depends your entire interpretation of the nature of events.
“Again, cellularly-attuned consciousness generates dreams.  Consciousness, riding on a molecular back, generates a physical reality and events suited to it.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 785)

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