Friday, April 14, 2017

Events Grow

We tend to think of events as fixed frames in a movie (for past events anyway).  It's a bit hard to imagine that events actually grow.  It's as if an event is like a stone dropped into a still pond and it ripples out in all directions.  What gets complicated is that there are countless stones and overlapping infinite ponds!  Luckily our Inner Self sorts all of this chaos out and presents us with a clear, linear, 3-D manifested image of selected moments.  I suppose for us part of the growth part of moments is the depth of the experience of the moment.  

That's why love is so important ... it gives depth and meaning to the here and now!

When you grow from a baby to an adult you do not just grow tall: You grow all about yourself, adding weight and thickness as well. To some extent events “grow” in the same fashion, and from the inside out, as you do. In a dream you are closer to those stages in which events are born. In your terms they emerge from the future and form the past, and are given vitality because of creative tension that exists between what you think of as your birth and your death.
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 783)

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