Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dreaming Positive Dreams

Today’s Seth really drives home the importance of dreaming positive dreams … both individually and for the collective whole.  All possibilities exist and new ones are constantly being created by our choices and decisions moment by moment and in the dream state.  

It is easy to get depressed and to give up on humanity by watching the news.  What is important is to walk with confidence knowing that there are beautiful, fulfilling, exuberant possibilities out there and they are yours.  

The universe responds to our intent and feelings more than words.  That’s why positive intent and trust in All That Is are important  According to Lazaris the tools of manifestation are: desire, imagination and expectation. The desire to experience an elegant, fulfilling, joy filled physical experience; imagining and dreaming of what the world and life could be like; and the trust, expectation that metaphysics works and that there’s a you already “there” beckoning you!

Have fun and love life!

Waking events happen and vanish quickly.  They are experienced directly with the senses fully participating, but for the instant involvement you give up larger dimensions of the same actions that exist, but beneath the senses’ active participation.

“In dreams the preparations for experienced events take place, not only in the most minute details but in the larger context of the world scene.  Events fit together, forming a cohesive whole that gives you a global scale of activities.  The “future” history of the world, for example, is worked out now, as in the dream state each individual works with the probable events of private life.  That private life exists, however, in a context – social, political, and economic – which is unconsciously apprehended.  When a person constructs various probable realities in the dream state, he or she does so also in this larger context, in which the probable status of the world is known.

“Here, events are connected one to the other in a psychic webwork that is far more effective than your physical technological system of communication.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 785)

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