Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Quantum view of Astral and Causal Planes

Here are some thoughts I had about overlaying quantum mechanics on the planes associated with this reality using David Bohm's concept of unfolding and enfolding.  

I refer to myself in this as "Process Al" ... that's what the Transcendors called me at one time and it probably best describes the function of my personality in this scheme.  

By the way, Lazaris had said that we trap light to manifest our perceived reality (including the body) and that this manifestation process is "functioned by the quantum".  Interesting!

The Static Quantum State that is this incarnation is a state unfolded into the Astral Plane.  We then “pop” (unfold) moments of this state as our “Now’s”, indexed by time and space coordinates.  The Astral Plane is the collection of all probable states of the Universe.
The Causal Plane is the enfolded collection of Quantum States which could unfold into the particular AstralPlane that we have chosen.  The Causal Plane is the collection of all possible states of the Universe.
“Process Al” is the Quantum Operator on an enfolded state of physical Al – operating in each dimensional reality and all levels of creation.

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