Sunday, August 11, 2019

Elder Flash-Backs

Today's Seth reminds me of the last time my mother spoke to me before her death.  She was in terminal Alzheimers and completely incapacitated at that time.  I saw her trying to speak so I leaned over and heard her say something that I couldn't understand.  At the time I was having sessions with the Transcendors (channelled by Rik Thurston) so I asked them.  The Transcendors said she was speaking to me in Atlantean ... we'd had several significant lifetimes there.  This was a great example of what Seth speaks about here.

“Old people often begin to exercise their own consciousness in ways that they had not done earlier.  There may be less diversions to take up their thoughts.  They may be lonely, and then quite surprisingly find themselves casting about for different kinds of experience – experience seemingly most difficult to achieve in the physical world under their present circumstances.

“Since they are often frightened and unsure of the future, they are more apt to cast their thoughts backwards into their early childhoods, reaching for their earliest memories, and mentally try to gain comfort from the remembered sounds of beloved voices, only to mentally glimpse other images than they expected, or to hear other voices than those for which they yearned.

“In fact, fragments of many episodes from many other lives may rush into their consciousness, and in most cases they are, of course, quite unprepared for the experience.  On the other hand, usually such episodes are highly reassuring, for along with them rides the inner assurance that life has been lived before, many times.

“The individuals involved may then return to normal consciousness, but if they talked or muttered while the affair was happening, any observers might take it for granted that delirium was involved.  Drugs should not be prescribed under those conditions, unless the patient becomes highly restless and confused, and requests them.  In most cases, however, the experiences do not leave any detrimental side effects.

(The Way Toward Health,Session June 18, 1984)

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