Saturday, August 3, 2019

Life focuses

With an unlimited number of potential lifetimes and unlimited creativity, it’s no surprise that we choose different focuses/contexts/experiences in our various lifetimes.  That’s why it’s impossible to judge others on how “successful” they were … only they will know (in the afterlife).

Have a successful day ….

“You may therefore be trying out many different kinds of experiences, sometimes endowing yourself with super attributes and strengths, relying upon the body’s powers above all other considerations, while at the same time in another life you use and develop unusual mental abilities, enjoying the triumphs of creative thought, while largely ignoring the body’s agility and strength.
“I do not mean to imply that you necessarily deal with opposite kinds of behaviors, for there are endless variances – each unique – as consciousness expresses itself through physical sensation, and attempts to explore all of the possible realms of emotional, spiritual, biological, and mental existence.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 17, 1984)

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