Monday, August 5, 2019

Free Will

Life is a bit like a big game ... we choose a context (epoch, planet, reality, etc.) and attract our soul buddies to jump in and animate the avatars we manifest ... for the shear creative joy, to explore the unlimited dimensions of love and to discover what that reality feels like and what we would do in that context.  

Our buddies have free will too ... so they often surprise us!

“I want to stress that within each life full free will operates once the conditions of that life are set.

“That is, if you have been born in poor or depressed circumstances, then free will will not alter the conditions of that birth.

“It can help you become wealthy in adult life through the choices that you make.  It should be helpful, and certainly somewhat comforting, to realize that even unfortunate birth conditions were not forced upon you by some outside agency, but chosen at inner levels of your own reality.

(The Way Toward Health,Session June 17, 1984)

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