Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Nature picks up human intent

Seth has often talked about the connection between humans and the natural environment.  In our current world situation with all the violence, political turmoil and fear-mongering by political leaders fuelled by the media …. it’s no wonder that more violent weather is being experienced around the planet.  

Kryon has pointed out that Gaia is going through a transition, an upshift, and we’re invited to come along (apparently, the odds are that we do succeed!).  Gaia in partnership with humanity and other celestial entities are managing the transition to minimize the impact to life on Gaia … ours and the rest of nature.  We’re in good hands … if only we could calm down and enjoy the ride.

“Large masses of people become so convinced of God’s eventual vengeance and retribution that they begin to plan for it.
“Their lives became a way of avoiding pain instead of seeking out pleasure or satisfaction. …
“These people believe, of course, that any given situation will worsen, and be carried to its most disastrous end. …
“Such ideas affect every level of life, from the most microscopic onward. It is not that plants understand your ideas in usual terms – but that they do indeed pick up your intent, and in the arena of world survival, they have a stake.
“I do not want to romanticize nonhuman life either, or to overestimate its resources, but nature also has its own ways – and in those ways, it constantly works toward survival of life in general.  Nature may not bail you out, but it will always be there, adding its own vitality and strength to the overall good and health of the planet.
“Remember what I said earlier about the connections between disease and nondisease states. Communication flashes between viruses and microbes, and they can change in the wink of an eye.  Once again, then, ideas of the most optimistic nature are the biologically pertinent ones.
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 27, 1984)

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