Thursday, August 8, 2019

Don't try too hard

Today’s Seth reminds me of playing a musical instrument … the harder one tries the less it sounds like music and the more it sounds like a machine playing a bunch of notes.  Getting the brain and limiting thoughts out of the way lets the soul and spirit dance.

This is what the popular expression "Let go and let God" really means:

“In terms of “starting over” at such a point, the main thing to remember is not to expect too much too fast, while recognizing that instantaneous cures are indeed probabilities.
“Again, mind games, the insertion of humor and diversion, are extremely valuable, so that you are not trying too hard.  Some people try too hard to be spontaneous, while others are frightened of spontaneity itself.  The knowledge of reincarnational lives is spontaneously held, and you can receive profound insights from that knowledge.  This occurs when you are not looking for it, but when you are familiar enough with the entire concept, so that you realize such knowledge is available.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 17, 1984)

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