Monday, February 25, 2019

Thoughts have power

The duality that we know as physical reality has been described as a "Third-Dimensional Reality".  Actually, physical reality is a linear-time-sequenced, 3D material representation of a Third-Dimensional Reality.  The term "Third-Dimensional Reality" refers to the concept that the reality is the result of the synergy between thought and feeling ... i.e. the synergy between consciousness (thought) and energy (feeling).

In terms of the Qabalah:

  • The World of Causation arises as conscious, structured energy out of the World of Emanation (the Source).  The World of Causation is the World of soul, spirit, higher self, archetypal energies ... the World of "Formless Forms" as Lazaris has described it.  
  • The World of Formation is the realm in which these "Formless Forms" interact ... i.e. the World of Formation is the interaction/movement of primal, conscious-structured energy in the Mind of All That Is (this movement is the "wind" of Mind that Seth is talking about here).  
  • The World of Action, in our case, is the 3D material representation that we present to ourselves as physical reality.  It is a representation of our very narrowly focused awareness of an aspect of the unknowable, infinite Mind of All That Is.  This narrowly focused awareness has been likened to lasers illuminating a hologram.  What is real, is the hologram.  The lasers can only provide incomplete representations of the hologram ... in our case, the hologram is infinite (in dimensionality, extent, etc.) so our manifested experience is even more narrowly focused and more limited.

“You cannot see the wind directly – you see only its effects.  The same applies to your thoughts.  They possess power as the wind does, but you only see the effects of their actions.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session February 22, 1984)

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