Saturday, February 16, 2019

Styles of thinking

Today’s Seth almost sounds like programming or imprinting.  Bruce Lipton draws a distinction between “nature” (our DNA) and “nurture” (our neuronal wiring).  The imprinting known as “nurture” happens continuously throughout our life.  For example, repetitive thoughts/actions with emotional charge wire the brain (called near-linguisitc programming (NLP)) … a favourite process used by advertising agencies.  As Seth points out, we are normally not aware of the way we think. Zen Buddhist practice is one way to become aware of thoughts arising … but even in that case, there is imprinting of a belief system and style of thinking.  Thus it is virtually impossible to “know” how an atom, molecule, cell, other life form “thinks” … hence we simply ignore that possibility and party on in a materialist paradigm!

“There are styles of thinking, just as there are various styles of dress.
“The official line of consciousness is a certain mental stance, a kind of convention.  When you were a child you thought in a freer fashion, but little by little you were educated to use words in a certain way.  You discovered that your needs were met more quickly, and you received approval more often, when you thought and spoke in that particular manner.  Finally, it seemed to be the only natural mode of operation.  Your entire civilization is built around that kind of inner framework.  The way of thinking becomes so automatic as to be mentally invisible.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session February 15, 1984)

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