Saturday, February 23, 2019

Our health and weather interact

I guess today’s Seth draws out the oneness of all that we perceive.  If we recall that we manifest a 3D snapshot of All That Is, moment by moment, it would then seem obvious that everything we perceive in that snapshot is interrelated and symbolic of the great unknowable All That Is.

“Your health and the daily weather interact with each other.  This happens on a personal and mass basis.  I admit that some of this material quite contradicts your usual ideas, but the health of your body is intimately related not only to the state of world health, but to the physical climate as well.
“You do not “catch” a drought.  You do not catch a cold, either.  In a fashion a drought is partially caused by the emotional states of the people who experience it – yet a drought is not a disease.  It is part of a process.  It is a necessary portion of the larger process of the world’s physical stability. As unfortunate as a drought might seem, it is in its way responsible for the balanced portion of moisture of the entire planet’s surface.  In the same way, diseases in their fashion are also often parts of larger processes whose greater purpose is the body’s overall balance and strength.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session February 22, 1984)

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