Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The body is a living book

This Seth quote is directed to Jane (referred to as 'him') and is written in terms that Jane would understand, being the highly creative author that she was.  

It goes for all of us too.  

Note the line "the body is a living book, being produced in each moment".  We manifest our 3D view of this life on earth (body and all) in each moment ... from 'nothing' but conscious energy.

Unfortunately, we hold so strong a belief in linear time and continuity that we stifle the innate magic within us.  According to Lazaris, we use that time-based limitation so we can become conscious of how we create/manifest our reality and to see the symbolic implications of our beliefs.  This is necessary for us to become the "conscious creators" that we need to become before we can cruise the Cosmos in less constrained realities.

“When an idea for a book or a poem comes to him, he “tunes into it” immediately. It never occurs to him to wonder how many vowels or syllables, words and sentences, paragraphs or pages might be involved.  He takes it for granted that his intent will be executed.
“That is the natural, creative way to function, and it has provided him with many excellent books and poetry.  When he is writing, he does not think in terms of impediments.  What impediments there may be, he brushes aside.
“Now his health can be handled in the same fashion, without wondering how many nerves or muscles or stages must be activated, without worrying about how much time will be involved.  In a fashion, the body is a living book, being produced in every moment.
“Again, it may seem too simple – but by applying the same methods to the body, the body’s health will be written with health and vitality, using blood and corpuscles, joints and ligaments and so forth instead of syllables, consonants, words and sentences.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session February 17, 1984)

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