Monday, February 18, 2019

Seth Paradigm Shift

Seth (and Cayce, Lazaris, Elias, Metatron, etc.) are all engaged in starting a paradigm shift to usher in the “next era”.  Obviously we needed an update after the “Jesus Intervention”!

“With creative people, however, there are always intrusions, hints or clues from ways of thinking that certainly appear foreign, and creative people use those hints and clues to construct an art, a musical composition or whatever.  They sense a surge of power beneath.
“You and Ruburt have had the feelings many times – but what we are trying to do is change over completely from one mode of operation to another, and to construct, say, new inner blocks of meaning that will give rise to the next era.
“What you are involved in then is really, of course, a completely new educational procedure, so that you are at least able to distinguish one style of thought from another, and therefore be freer to make choices.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session February 15, 1984)

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