Sunday, February 3, 2019

"Diseases" perform a service

When we really get it, we understand that what we think of as diseases are really processes which perform a service in response to the belief system that we hold.  What we know as physical experience is all an illusion representing (in simplified 3d linear time form) the implications of our beliefs, etc. and symbolic representations of the fulfilling approach/solution to the issues we’re exploring.  This happens at the individual level and every other group level even up to the level of humanity and beyond.  It’s really pretty cool!  We force ourselves to focus so tightly on single space-time moments of experience that we never see the big picture.  The upside is that we get to experience the depth of the moments … particularly when we love.

“You will discover that so-called diseases perform certain services.  They fulfill purposes for you that you may believe you can achieve in no other way.  The reasons for such illnesses are not deeply buried in the subconscious, as you may think.  They are much closer to the conscious mind, and usually consist of a series of seemingly innocuous decisions that you have made through the years. Other illnesses, of course, may be caused by sudden decisions that are a response to a particular event in your life.
“People have been taught that their bodies are a kind of battleground, and that they must be in a constant state of readiness lest they be attacked or invaded by alien germs or viruses or diseases that can strike without warning.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 28, 1984)

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