Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Negative suggestions are unnatural

Here’s another Seth quote that shows the universe (and “you-niverse”) is wired for fulfillment … health, exuberance and love.

Let’s live that feeling today!!!

“People are not simply swung willy-nilly by one negative suggestion or another, however.  Each person has an entire body of beliefs and suggestions – and these are quite literally reflected in the physical body itself.
“All practical healing deals with the insertion of positive suggestions and the removal of negative ones.  As we mentioned earlier, each smallest atom or cell contains its own impetus toward growth and value fulfillment.  In other words, they are literally implanted with positive suggestions, biologically nurtured, so to that extent it is true to say that in a certain fashion negative suggestions are unnatural, leading away from life’s primary goals.  Negative suggestions could be compared to static sounding on an otherwise clear program.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session April 9, 1984)

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