Saturday, April 6, 2019

Healing the heart

“The heart is often described as a pump.  With the latest developments in medical technology, there are all kinds of heart operations that can be performed, even the use of heart transplants. In many cases, even when hearts are repaired through medical technology, the same trouble reoccurs at a later date, or the patient recovers only to fall prey to a different, nearly fatal or fatal, disease.  This is not always the case, by any means, but when such a person does recover fully, and maintains good health, it is because beliefs, attitudes, and feelings have changed for the better, and because the person “has a heart” again, in other words, because the patient himself has regained the will to live.
“Many people who have heart trouble feel that they have “lost the heart” for life. They may feel broken-hearted for any of many reasons.  They may feel heartless, or imagine themselves to be so cold-hearted that they punish themselves literally by trying to lose their heart.
“With many people having such difficulties, the addition of love in the environment may work far better than any heart operation.  A new pet given to a bereaved individual has saved more people from needing heart operations than any physician.  In other words, “a love transplant” in the environment may work far better overall than a heart-transplant operation, or a bypass, or whatever; in such ways, the heart is allowed to heal itself.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session March 23, 1984)

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