Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Childhood Programming

Bruce Lipton talks about “nature” and “nurture”.  Nature is the state of our DNA at birth and the basic reflexes, instincts and "operating system" of the brain.  Nurture, is the “programming" of the brain … which starts even before birth.  

It is important to realize that both the DNA and “wiring” of the brain change throughout our life.  For example, we can reprogram the brain using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) … NLP is how humans get programmed to buy things or smoke cigarettes etc. by watching repetitive, emotionally charged commercials.  NLP is also being exploited politically … e.g. Trumps Twitter use, our emotionally charged, repetitive political campaigns, the daily news, etc..

The trick is to be aware of what’s happening and what our thoughts and feelings are in each moment and to make choices.  It is also important to hold an “Idea” to navigate by, which guides our moment-to-moment choices so that we head in the intended “direction” in this lifetime.

“Many such suggestions are “old-hat idioms”.  They belong to the past, and again they escape the questioning and examination that are usually given to new ideas.

“These suggestions may be remarkably long-standing, therefore, and consist of beliefs received in childhood.  Accepted now in the present, noncritically, they may still affect health and well-being.  Such suggestions can be beneficial and supportive, or negative and detrimental. Here are some examples that should be quite familiar to many people.”

“There are other kinds of suggestions that involve identification.  A child may be told: “You are just like your mother, she was always nervous and moody”.  Or: “You are fat because your father was fat”.

“These are all statements leading toward a certain hypothesis.  Again, the problem is that often the hypotheses remain unquestioned.  You end up with structured beliefs unexamined, that are then automatically acted upon.”

(The Way Toward Health,Session April 8, 1984)

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