Saturday, April 27, 2019


“There are some issues highly vital to health and happiness, that are quite difficult to describe.  They are felt intrinsically.  They are a part of the esthetics of nature itself.  Flowers are not just brightly colored for man’s enjoyment, for example, but because color is a part of the flower’s own esthetic system.  They enjoy their own brilliance, and luxuriate in their own multitudinous hues.
“The insects also appreciate flower’s profusion of color, and also for esthetic reasons.  I am saying, therefore, that even insects have an esthetic sense, and again, that each creature, and each plant, or natural entity, has its own sense of value fulfillment, seeking the greatest possible fulfillment and extension of its own innate abilities.
“This sense of value fulfillment, once more, benefits not only the individual, but its species and all other species.  In a manner of speaking, then, the picture of nature is painted by its own consciously vital, esthetic portions.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session April 10, 1984)

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