Monday, April 29, 2019

Abundance of abilities and choices

We don’t often think about the huge number of choices and decisions we’ve made in our life to arrive at today.  This is what Seth is pointing at.  The Transcendors once told me that it’s impossible to feel that a life was complete and completely successfully because of the requirement to choose enroute.  That’s one of the reasons why we choose to reincarnate … to explore abilities, relationships, etc. in different contexts.  The funny thing in all this is that we’re already living all of those possibilities … present, past and future … but, like lighting up a hologram with a laser, we focus on isolated space-time moments and string them together.  What’s hard to understand in our 3-D logic is that we’re creating those possibilities and new ones on the fly because there is no time as we know it and we’re part of the explosion of love and consciousness of All That Is in the “spacious present”.  Each reality we explore has it’s own “metric” … some, like ours, have one or more dimensions of time and some form of “space” dimensions to measure “separation".  In others, where form isn’t manifested, the metric is based upon feeling or thought … “distance” there being the difference in energy (aka feeling, thought).  Pretty cool stuff!

“With man’s own exteriorized ego, this leads to the question of free will and the making of conscious choices.
“The human individual is aware of large numbers of probable activities. Each individual person literally possesses far more abilities than can be adequately expressed in any given lifetime. This insures a large profusion of possible actions from which the individual can draw according to changing circumstances.
“Each person can also intrinsically sense the direction in which he or she is most inclined.  Inspiration will send nudges towards certain activities.  It will be easier and more delightful for each person to move and grow in certain directions, rather than others.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session April 10, 1984)

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