Monday, April 8, 2019

Communication at all levels

You’ll recall an earlier Seth quote that said that even our cells are in constant communication with ALL the cells on the earth, etc.  

It is important to be aware of what attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings we give energy to; what choices and decisions we make; and what desires, imaginings and expectations we hold.  These are communicated to every aspect of reality at all levels … right down to subatomic particles and all the way up to the Cosmos … that’s how we manifest our moments of experience out of all the endless possibilities and probabilities … and it’s also how we create new possibilities and probabilities.  Our moments of physical experience manifest with patterns of behaviour conforming with all that.  

We have magical powers … but it takes a lot of discipline to manage the wild ride of our ego feedback system (3D thoughts and emotions) while living in the cultural imprinting that surrounds us.

“In one way or another each segment of consciousness is aware of each other segment, through an instantaneous communication that exists on many levels. It is important that your ideas circulate freely, and that the ideas of the peoples of the world circulate freely, just as it is important that your individual body has good circulation. Your ideas about your own health are even more important than those steps you take to promote it.
“Your ideas about foreign countries, allies and enemies, also have a vital role to play in how you handle your own bodily defenses.  People who are afraid that their nation will be invaded by an enemy will often also consider viruses or diseases to be enemies, ever about to threaten their personal survival.  Such attitudes will, of course, be detrimental to feelings of well-being, health, and exuberance.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session March 27, 1984)

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