Wednesday, March 7, 2018

There is no supernatural

There is no supernatural

DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location 2624). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition.

(Q) ["How is consciousness, which is nonphysical, connected to a physical brain?  Scientists have demonstrated that when certain parts of the brain are stimulated, images and words and events may appear (memories, I suppose).  I have always thought that memories were part of what we physicals call consciousness, as our 'awareness' can call them up (pre-Alzheimer's of course) as part of what we call 'thinking'.  How can consciousness manipulate the brain to 'park' those memories - through a chemical process or something else?"]

(A)  The last sentence assumes something special when there is only life as you know it.  That is, biological processes can be well understood in their own terms.  No need to try to divide them into "natural" and "supernatural", or, as here, into part physical and part nonphysical process.

All physical life is a miracle, viewed one way, or none of it is, viewed another way.  Memories are implanted in the brain (or so it seems) by the understood chemical processes.  It is in the description of those points as gateways rather than repositories that our view differs from conventional anatomy, nothing more.  And, by the way, the fact that stimulated memories (stimulated by a probe touching a neural point, I mean) bring to the person detail and clarity beyond what was experienced at the time, should tell you that the person is experiencing not a record but the original perceptions.

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