Monday, March 12, 2018

Perceiving higher dimensions

Perceiving higher dimensions

DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location 2969). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition.

(Q)  ["{Rita} says we misunderstand time because we 'roll' the experience/effect of other 'dimensions' into our perception of time.  Are there ways I can better experience those dimensions and learn to separate them from my experience of time?"]

(A)  I understand the question, and the motivation for the question, but that's addressing the question wrong-end-to.  Unpacking the question of higher dimensions from our experience of time is an effect more than a cause, a consequence of a more vital quest, which is for ever-greater consciousness.

Let me say this carefully.  In a way, it doesn't make the slightest difference how you perceive or don't perceive the higher dimensions.  In a way, it doesn't matter how you conceptualize them.  In a way.

In another way - seen from another viewpoint - unpacking these questions may serve to reorient you so as to loosen 3D's hypnotic effects.  But that is all it's good for.

Did St. Francis worry about the higher dimensions versus our experience of them as being part of time?  Did Thoreau or Emerson?  Did I, for that matter?

(Q)  I understand; what I don't know is whether others will.  Let me paraphrase.  If we live our lives as best we can, we don't need to worry about higher dimensions conceptually.  Your discussing them was merely to help loosen the mental bonds formed of a less complete scheme.  But reorientation per se does not depend on our experiencing dimensions differently.  It depends on our seeing ourselves differently.

(A)  That is what I said, yes.

(Q)  So the bottom line is, reorient around "all is well, all is always well" and stop believing in the reality of what is being reported.

(A)  Stop believing that things mean what they are reported to mean.  An earthquake doesn't non-exist just because you don't hear of it, or you disbelieve in reports of it.  But it doesn't necessarily mean that the gods are angry, or that the world is coming apart, or that it was engineered by secret forces physical or otherwise.  you understand - the phenomena exist.  But do they mean what people take them to mean?  Are they, in fact, what they seem to be?  What is their relevance to your life as you fashion it, and what is their relevance as indicator, if you continue to believe a priori that all is well, all is always well?

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