Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The 3D Conscious Self ("Outer Ego")

“The inner self still related to dream reality, while the body’s orientation and the body consciousness attained, as was intended, a great sense of physical adventure, curiosity, speculation, wonder – and so once again the inner self put a portion of its consciousness in a different parcel, so to speak.  As once it had formed the body consciousness, now it formed a physically attuned consciousness, a self whose desires and intents would be oriented in a way that, alone, the inner self could not be.
“The inner self was too aware of its own multidimensionality, so in your terms it gave psychological birth to itself through the body in space and time.  That portion of the self is the portion you recognize as your usual conscious self, alive within the scheme of seasons, aware within the designs of time, caught transfixed in moments of brilliant awareness, with civilizations that seem to come and go.  That is the self that is alert in the dear preciseness of the moments, whose physical senses are bound to light and darkness, sound and touch.  That is the self that lives the life of the body.
“It is the self that looks outward.  It is the self that you call egotistically aware.  The inner self became what I refer to as the inner ego.  It looks into that inner reality, that psychic dimension of awareness from which both your own consciousness and your body consciousness emerged.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 894)

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