Sunday, May 7, 2017

We Attract Or Repel Events

Physical events that we manifest are symbolic representations of vast movements of energy and consciousness that are not perceptible to us with our physical senses.  We attract or repel these vast currents of action based on a set of tools and characteristics of our current state of being (often referred to as vibration).

Lazaris summarizes manifestation as follows: 
What appears to us physically in each "Now" moment is a symbolic representation of our thoughts and feelings; choices and decisions; and, attitudes and beliefs. 
We attract or repel "future" events into physical experience using three tools: Desire, Imagination and Expectation. 

More on manifestation can be found in on my website:

“First of all, physical events are the end products of nonphysical properties.

“The formation of events is initially an emotional, psychic, or psychological function.  Events are physical interpretations, conventionalized versions of inner perceptive experiences that are then “coalesced” in space and time.  Events are organized according to laws that involve love, belief, intent, and the intensities with which these are entertained.

“Events are attracted or repelled by you according to your loves, beliefs, intents, and purposes.  Your world provides a theater in which certain events can or cannot occur.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 792)

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