Sunday, May 14, 2017

Time is learned

This Seth quote gives us an idea of just how artificial our sense of time really is. 

We know that the quantum particles that flash in and out making up our physical reality do not know our perception of time and, therefore, do not move in our physical reality.  Fundamental quantum particles are like pixels on your computer screen which also don't move.  Pixels have a characteristic vibration that we call colour and, by flashing many times per second, these flashing pixels present the to us the image of a visible object or person moving continuously in time across the screen. 

Our bodies and our associated physical senses are literally like images we present to ourselves done without the use of a computer.  It is cute how some of our inventions (like TV, computers, virtual reality, etc.) are attempts at replicating what we do in manifesting our own personal "Now" experience quite spontaneously and without thinking about it.

“In your terms, events are still plastic to young children, in that they have not as yet learned to apply your stringent structure.  There is an interesting point connected with the necessity to coordinate the workings of the senses, in that before this process occurs there is no rigid placement of events.  That placement is acquired.  The uncoordinated child’s senses, for example, may actually hear words that will be spoken tomorrow, while seeing the person who will speak them today.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 793)

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