Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Magic of the Brain

Given that the underlying, multidimensional electromagnetic reality is what is "real", it is amazing how we generate the illusion of the brain to present ourselves with 3D images in a time sequence to play with.  Everything we physically sense around us is symbolic of some underlying consciousness and energy.  Have fun making the movie called "This Is My Life"!

“The brain like the movie screen gives you a physical picture, in living stereo, of inner activities that nowhere themselves physically appear.

“Your brain gives you a handy and quite necessary reference system with which to conduct corporal life.  It puts together for you in their “proper” sequences events that could be experienced in many other ways, using other kinds of organizations.  The brain, of course, and other portions of the body, tune into your planet and connect with the numberless time sequences – molecular, cellular, and so forth – so that they are synchronized with the world’s events.

“The brain organizes activity and translates events, but it does not initiate them.  Events have an electromagnetic reality that is then projected onto the brain for physical activation.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 794)

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