Saturday, May 20, 2017

Today's Seth is about the power of imagination.  Too bad we relegate it to dreams ... or worse ... senseless violent movies!  For some reason, Hollywood doesn't see a role for itself in helping humankind dream the beautiful future that Cayce spoke of!

"Man's creative alertness, his precise sensual focus in space and time, and his ability to react quickly to events, are of course all highly important characteristics.  His imagination allowed him to develop the use of tools, and gave birth to his inventiveness.  That imagination allows him to plan in the present for what might occur in the future.
This means that to some extent the imagination must operate outside of the senses' precise orientation.  For that reason, it is most freely used in the dream state.  Basically speaking, imagination cannot be tied to practicalities, for when it is man has only physical feedback.  If that were all, then there would be no inventions.  There is always additional information available other than that in the physical environment.
These additional data come as a result of the brain's high play as it experiments with the formation of events, using the inner senses that are not structured in time or space."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 793)

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