Monday, May 29, 2017

Dream Recall and Impulses

I find this Seth quote interesting.  We cannot conceive of the complexity and extent of our multidimensional dreams ... dreams that literally cruise the entire Cosmos and spawn universes.  Even though we only get "stick figure" representations of our dreams in dream recall, it's comforting to know that the Inner Self knows what's going on and doesn't sleep ... providing on-going impulses to keep us safely on the pathway of life.  We are our own "Guardian Angel".

"You could not physically handle anything like complete dream recall.  You are not consciously capable of dealing with the psychological depths and riches that activity reveals.  For one thing, your concepts of time, realistically or practically speaking, as utilized, would become more difficult to maintain in normal life.  This does not mean that far greater dream recall than you have is not to your advantage, because it certainly is.  I merely want to explain why so many dreams are not recalled.
"While the large proportion remain relatively hidden, however, the average person often meets with dream fragments just below the normal threshold of consciousness - not recognizing them as what they are - experiencing instead the impulse to do this or that on a given day; to eat this or that, or to refrain from something else."  An easy enough example is the case where an individual with no memory [of such a dream] decides to cancel a plane trip on a given day, and later discovers that the plane crashed."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 796)

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