Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Events and the Biological Network

I find the idea of events growing out of each other multidimensionally with all earth-tuned consciousness interacting to be very complex but also very appealing.  Edgar Cayce often said that life is the experiencing of our choices.  These choices happen behind the scenes in a most fundamental way... when we select our moments of physical experience (i.e. objective events) out of the infinity of possibilities.  We then make a conscious choice based on the experience of the objective event.  It's bit like leaping from rock to rock while crossing a stream, excepts the rocks keep moving and new ones keep popping up - oh yes, and the river keeps wiggling around!
Have a beautiful day, make beautiful choices!

“Basically, events are not built one upon the other.  They grow out of each other in a kind of spontaneous expansion, a profusion of creativity, while the conscious mind chooses which aspects to experience – and those aspects then become what you call an objective event.

“Events obviously are not formed by your species alone, so that, as I mentioned in our last session, there is a level of the dream state in which all earth-tuned consciousness of all species and degrees come together.  From your standpoint this represents a deep state of unconscious creativity – at the cellular levels particularly – by which all cellular life communicates and forms a vital biological network that provides the very basis for any “higher” experience at all.

“What you call dreaming is obviously dependent upon this cellular communication, which distributes the life force throughout the planet.  The formation of any psychological event therefore depends upon this interspecies relationship.

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 792)

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