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Rita on health and living in love and joy

Health, relationship, and communication

From DeMarco, Frank. Rita's World Vol 2: A View from the Non-Physical (Kindle Location 810). Rainbow Ridge Books. Kindle Edition

(Q) [From Ann: "I wondered if it would be possible to ask Rita some questions about wellness and illness.  My questions are of a practical sort, in terms of what we can do here and now to promote wellness.  There ae many consciousness-based and energetic healing modalities, including acupuncture, reiki, BodyTalk, Theta Healing, etc. that all work to re-establish an integrated energetic wellness within our whole self; body, mind, spirit and soul.  Can Rita speak to the extent to which these healing modalities can help us be well, address injuries to our bodies or soul from this or past lives, and help us prevent, treat or address serious illnesses such as cancer?  How do we ensure that our full consciousness can best be engaged in our total wellness in this 3D life?"]

(A)  The most practical advice deals not with specifics but with onespecific, and even that will not give you the answer you think you are looking for, I'm afraid.  The short and simple answer is to improve your communication between your 3D consciousness - the pilot of your life's ship - and all the rest of yourself known and unknown.

That may sound like a contradiction or an impossibility, to become better acquainted with unknown parts of yourself, but it isn't, really.  And it is the key.  Communicationdoes not depend upon identificationor upon definition.  Just as Frank can talk to "the guys" without having to first define who "the guys" may be, so you can learn to communicate with your body's intelligences, and your living strands currently expressing in other lives, other times, and your non-3D components including not only what you think of as guidance, but other modifying intelligences as well.

(Q)  The Guys Upstairs as opposed to one's own Upstairs?

(A)  That is one way to look at it.  I don't want to get diverted here, or I would point out how and why and to what extent it is easy to forget or overlook the practical ramifications of the fact that we are all one; hence, we all interconnect, even while we are each specialized nodules of the larger being.

But to stick to the question: Everything in your life is defined by your presence or absence of communication.  Consciouscommunication, particularly, but not exclusively.  A tremendous amount of communication goes on beneath or above or to the side of the little bit you can be conscious of at any time.

(Q)  I wrote Imagine Yourself Well specifically to persuade people of the possibilities offered by such communication.

(A)  Yes, to a degree.  But this carries the argument farther, you will notice.  It is much more than a matter of learning to communicate and interact with the various intelligence systems that comprise your bodies. That's a good start, but only a start.

All the modalities you mention, Ann, and others you might have mentioned, and indeed anything anyone could think of, are effective in different ways, but they are effective to the degree that they enable one to move to a more productive relationship among all concerned.  All else is detail.  Detail is important, but detail in the absence of the fundamental reorientation must be mostly futile.  In the presenceof such reorientation, anything from slight improvement to miracle, depending upon many things.  If this does not answer your question, of if it suggests others, feel free to pose them - but be sure first to actually ponder what is given here.

Living in joy

(Q) [Kate's question: "How does the joy state and an expanded state of love (maybe recognition of love is a better word since it is always there) of 3Ders affect the non-3D self or compound/larger being?"]

(A) An interesting question, the best answer to which would be, "indirectly", because the living in love and joy changes the 3D individual, and such changes are automatically fed into the non-3D component and hence, potentially, everywhere, just as a fall from joy or love is transmitted.

(Q)  What you are, matters.

(A)  What you domatters, but mostly as a confirmation of what you are.  (That is, living your intent turns intent into a pattern being lived out).

That's all I want to say about that at this moment.  Think about the implications.

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