Saturday, May 5, 2018

All reincarnational lives occur at once

The idea that all “reincarnation” lives are lived at once … also includes past, future and probables!  

Luckily, when we’re in 3D physical reality, we only need to focus on this one lifetime.  But it’s interesting that choices made in this 3D manifestation affect the “health and well being” of the whole … much like a cell affects the health of a body.  

Perhaps a better analogy is a huge symphony orchestra of infinite extent and unlimited variations of instruments playing in harmony.  As an incarnation (aka musician) in that Celestial Orchestra we feel best when we’re in harmony with the whole.  Saying that, does not, however, preclude each player from improvising or developing and playing a new instrument and thus moving the music in harmony but in a new direction … so I guess the Celestial Orchestra is playing Jazz!

“Now besides this physical genetic structure, there is an inner bank of psychic information that in your terms would contain the “past” history – the reincarnational history – of the individual. This provides an overall reservoir of psychic characteristics, leanings, abilities, knowledge, that is as much a part of the individual’s heritage as the genetic structure is a part of the physical heritage.
“A person of great intelligence may be born from a family of idiots, for example, because of that reincarnational structure. Musical ability may thus appear complete with great technical facility, regardless of family background, genetically speaking, and again, the reincarnational bank of characteristics accounts for such events.  That inner reincarnational psychic structure is also responsible for triggering certain genetic messages while ignoring others, or for triggering certain combinations of genetic messages.  In actuality, of course – say that I smiled – all time is simultaneous, and so all reincarnational lives occur at once.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value FulfillmentSession 907)

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