Friday, January 26, 2018

From Dream Bodies to Physical Bodies

This Seth quote is very consistent with material from the Transcendors.

According to the Transcendors, some of us have been banging around Earth for over 10 million years ... but not as physical bodies as we know them now, but rather as energy projections.  There was no agreed-upon human form, so entities showed up in a wide array of shapes and sizes.  At that time, if one wanted to experience what a tree experienced, the entity would literally merge with the tree ... and often would be stuck there for decades!  It wasn't until about 200,000 years ago that man started appearing in physical bodies.  It's interesting to note, that a 195,000 year-old jaw bone was recently discovered in Israel!

Don't forget that what we perceive as the past is alive and well in the spacious present surrounding this moment and is, therefore, quite accessible in altered states of consciousness.


“In the beginning, there were also species of various other kinds: combinations of man-animal and animal-man, and many other “crossbreed” species, some of fairly long duration in your terms.  This applies to all areas.  There were dream trees, with dream foliage, that gradually became aware within that dream, turning physical, focusing more and more in physical reality, until their dream seeds finally brought forth physical trees.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 887)

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