Saturday, January 27, 2018

Evolution and Probable Earths

Today’s Seth talks about the multiple earths (and universes, etc.) and how things appear in our “reality” through the inner manipulations of collective consciousness across this infinite array of probable earths.  Because we believe in linear time, we manifest sequences of 3-D snapshots (moments of physical experience).  We then look at our manifestation and come up with a fictional explanation that we think of as evolution to support our underlying belief in linear time.  It’s funny, we even manifest fossils to support our belief system!

“Again, the world came into being in the same way that any idea does.  The physical world expands in the same way that any idea does.  I am speaking for your edification of the world you recognize, of the earth you know, but there are probable earths, of course, as real as your own.  They coexist with your own, and they are all in one way or another connected.
“Each one carries hints and clues about the others.  In the terms used by science, there was no evolution in linear terms, but vast explosions of consciousness, expansions of capacities, unfoldings on the parts of all species, and these still continue.  They are the inner manipulations with which consciousness presents itself.”

(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Session 887)

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