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Session, Jan 5, 1971 from Vol 3 of The Early Class Sessions

I have not posted to this BLOG for some time ... my apologies, but I've been working through a backlog of material that has piled up over the years and continues to pile up (no need for a bucket list!).

This morning I started reading volume 3 of The Early Class Sessions by Jane Roberts.  Here are extracts from the first session in the book ... it's a beauty!



(Following a discussion of reincarnation, probable selves and time. Also Theodore Muldoon told of returning to his Great Hall, of the new tapestry and the new pulsating sensation of feeling.) 

Now, ancient Rome exists and so does Egypt and Atlantis. You not only form the future, as you think of it, but you also form the past. Now, again, you have been told simple tales and they are delightful tales, but if you were not ready to hear more, you would not be in this room. 

Your personality is truly multidimensional, and after you have been here for some time, you will realize what the words multi-dimensional really mean, for they mean that you are not imprisoned within time, as you know it, in any way. And your reincarnated selves, or personalities, are not imprisoned in their time, as you think of time. There is a constant interchange going on between what you think of as your present self and what you think of as your past self and what you may think of as your future self. And if this were not the case, then I would not be speaking here for I am not Ruburt’s past self. 

Now, each personality is free and you are never imprisoned within time. Each personality is independent. Each personality, therefore, is its own man or, if Ruburt will forgive me, is its own woman. Time has open ends in all directions or such a thing as probabilities would not exist. Therefore, actions that you make now can help a so-called past personality. And a so-called future personality will step in and help you along your weary way, but also, your actions now can also affect the future personality as well as the past one. 

Now, you must try to stretch your imagination and to feel these realities because the intellect alone cannot comprehend them. Now, psychological time is your best method for perceiving these actualities. You can feel what you cannot necessarily describe verbally, and know through direct experience what even the physical brain cannot describe nor comprehend, for you are more than the physical brain that you have now. I am no poet but then thinking of one of Ruburt’s poems, then think of the brain, indeed, as a web you form about the inner self. A web works to help you manipulate in a world of space and time which is, indeed, as nebulous and as precarious, and as delicate, as any spider’s web, and hangs indeed in as precarious a balance. You form this and then perceive the world, but your viewpoint is very small and the garden you perceive very intimate, but within yourself you have far greater abilities of perception and you are not limited to Wednesday or Thursday. 

I want you to understand the nature of your inner self or, for your friend over here (to Joel Hess) the nature of your soul, for it is a focal point of reality from which other realities spring and not imprisoned in tiny boxes of days or weeks or months, or even of centuries. But you must open yourself to experience these realities in whatever way that you can.

(To Theodore) And sometime, for example, you will be able to travel through your tapestry and realize they are illustrations, as indeed you do, but realize it more vividly so you can experience the reality behind them. 

Now, I will let you all take a break and I will return in an unmoment. 

(During break Rachel Clayton asked if past, present and future are all one.) 

Now, he cannot answer you. We were originally a portion of the same entity. Now I evolved along my own ways and he evolved along his own ways. We are both, therefore, independent. We are ourselves. 

([Rachel:] “In other words, the entity has many parts all helping to evolve as one?”) 

Now, I evolved to form my own entity and he will, but he is not at that stage as yet, in your terms, and yet in another frame of reference he is, of course. He is also however, those portions of himself who are far less developed for they all exist as one and there are really no separations, and all the portions of himself that were less developed are aware of this correspondence. 

In your terms, and in your terms only, I could be referred to, and I told Ruburt this, as a sixth self of his in your future but this is only in your terms of reference and to get the idea across for he will not become what I am. That, you see, is impossible because I am myself and so verbally there are certain answers that cannot be given but must be intuitively understood. But the fact that I exist and can communicate should show you in simple terms, and in your terms of reference, that other “higher aspects” of your personality can help you out on occasion and do exist.

… Now, all of your so-called pasts exist within you now, and you can discover what they are and recapture your own memories, but you are not imprisoned in time unless you believe that you are, and there is nothing more important than belief. There is nothing that can free you more than belief, and there is nothing that can hold you in bondage more than belief. For if you believe you exist only within the context of this life, that you are born only to death and annihilation, then you will not use your freedoms in this existence, and you deny their abilities when they show themselves, and no one forces this bondage upon you but yourself. To understand your multidimensional self is to use it.

… And if there is any redemption, my good, holy friend, (to Joel) it takes place in each moment of time now in each day, not back so many centuries ago. 

(Rachel commented that Seth did not give many predictions for the future.) 

I am not cautious, I am simply realistic and when you understand the nature of reality then you realize that predictions of future events are basically meaningless. Now you can predict some events and they occur, but you create the future in every moment in your frame of reference, and time in your terms is plastic. Most predictions are made in a highly distorted fashion, and they lead the public astray. Not only that, but when the predictors fall flat on their faces it does not help “the Cause.” Reality does not exist in that fashion. You can tune in to certain probabilities and predict “that they will occur,” but free will always operates and no god in giant ivory figures says, this will happen February 15th at 8:05 and if no god predicts, then I do not see the point of doing so myself.

… ([Molly Pearson:] “Should we not believe in precognitive dreams?”) Many so-called precognitions are something else entirely different. Some, however, are entirely legitimate but oftentimes, the suggestion involved in a dream then brings about the event, and so it seems when the dream becomes real, that you have looked into a future that already existed. Instead, you have formed that event, but not realized the event had its origins at the time that you perceived it. 

Now, the question cannot be answered simply for there are many ramifications, but from this instant of reality, you form and change not only the future but the past. Now, in the operation of probabilities this has great significance for this means that you change and affect all events, and that your history books are a delightful fiction that tell you only your current ideas about the past. 

([Nadine Renard:] “How can I change my way of thinking to keep my family well instead of making them sick?”) 

Back here, we have a question, again, from the gallery. Realize you do not form events alone. You are involved in a cooperative venture. You are not, therefore, alone responsible for an event in that usually, others participate in its creation and for their own reasons.

Now the question cannot be answered simply in one evening, but each living consciousness has its own defense system and its own vitality, and you should trust your own. You do not trust your own. You cooperate together to form the physical reality that you know telepathically, through ways and means that are unknown to you. You weave these webs of psychic reality that then coalesce into physical reality. You do not weave them, necessarily alone, you weave them together. Your thoughts intertwine with the thoughts of others. You are responsible for your own thoughts. You need to learn the power of thought and emotion, but this should fill you with the joy of creativity and the possibility, not frighten you out of (words missing) of responsibility. Once you realize that your thoughts form reality then you are no longer slave to events. You simply have to learn the methods. 

([Nadine:] “But I don’t know how to learn them.”) 

You will learn them here, you will learn them through reading. You will learn them through listening to your own inner self. The methods have been known for centuries, not only for centuries as you know them, but for centuries as this earth existed, as you now know it. When the poles were reversed and when there were other stars in the sky and when the planets were not the planets that you know. The methods have always been known and now you take your break.

… In our sessions I have explained something that I have not mentioned in class and it is this— for every moment of time that you seem to exist in this universe, you do not exist in it. The atoms and molecules have a pulsating nature that you do not usually perceive so what seems to you to be a continuous atom or molecule is, indeed, a series of pulsations that you cannot keep track of. Physical matter is not permanent. You only perceive it as continuous. You cannot perceive the series of pulsations that make it up. Your perceptive mechanisms are not equipped to perceive it. 

Now, I am speaking to our friend over here (to Arnold Pearson, a scientist,) because he may, perhaps, have a dim comprehension of what I am trying to explain, because of his background, that many of you may not have. 

([Arnold:] “Are these pulses extremely fast in our terms of time?”) 

They are, indeed. You cannot conceivably perceive them. Now, in certain conditions, however, the inner self abandoning its usual reliance upon the physical senses is aware of these periods that would seem to you to be negations.

… In the same way, however, your consciousness fluctuates—it is here and then it is not here—but the physical self focuses upon only those moments when consciousness is focused in physical reality so your conscious self only has memory of the physical moments that it has known. But because consciousness fluctuates, other portions of yourself have memory of those times “when it is not focused in physical reality” and this is also a portion of your entire existence. This is not half as complicated as it sounds. Whether or not you remember your dreams, for example, a certain portion of you, under hypnosis, could remember every dream that you ever had in your life and so a certain portion of you remembers those nonmoments when you are not focused in physical reality, when your existence is in another dimension of actuality entirely and you were perceiving what I call, in your terms of reference, pardon me, nonintervals.

([Arnold:] “Is this nonmoment a moment of this existence?”) 

It is, indeed, in this existence and these nonmoments are moments in another dimension of reality. 

([Joel:] “Might this be compared to the rotating light in a lighthouse?”) 

It may, indeed, if you like the analogy. 

([Arnold:] “The analogy that I get is an electromagnetic wave, a carrier wave and it is rectified and the on moments are the positive pulses and the unmoments are the negative pulses.”) 

This is why I was talking to you. 

([Arnold:] “Are there more than two pulses?”) 

There are, indeed, and the whole self is aware of all of these realities. Now you know yourselves, with no unkindness meant, your own weaknesses and failures, so why should you suppose that the self that you know is the only self that you are. Surely, it has occurred to you that you have abilities that you are not using. Surely, it has occurred to you that there were other realities connected with your innermost existence that were not being expressed in the existence that you know of.

… (To Arnold.) I want you to think about the implications of what I have said concerning nonintervals and I like the term nonintervals, rather than nonmoments. 

([Joel:] “Would a noninterval be a positive interval to another aspect of our existence?”) 

It is, indeed, and they would not perceive your existence here, for them it would be a noninterval. 

([Joel:] “Could this be the key to the simultaneous existence of all of our lives, the key to nontime?”) 

It is, indeed, and some evening I will tell you that you had better change your entire conception of the word lives and this is the first hint I have given, either in our private sessions, or in this one, of some rather important material, but think of what you mean when you use the word life, or lives, and see how limited it really is. 

I am going to end our session but I have a comment. I have said this before. You are as dead now as you will ever be. Now, if you understand that remark and think about it, you will understand much that is behind what I have said this evening. 

([Arnold:] “Then we are as alive now as we have ever been?”) 

Indeed, except that in this focus in which you are now involved, you are not focusing on the full potential of your vitality. 

([Gert:] “Can we, and still remain in this aspect of existence?”) 

Using intervals and nonintervals. Now, our friend over here (Natalie) was using intervals and nonintervals beautifully earlier this evening, and to some extent, you use them in psy-time. 

([Theodore:] “That pulsation effect that I felt?”) 

Indeed, you experienced it, however, in a physical manner to make the idea plain to you. You imagined, for example, a heartbeat pulse of that nature simply to bring the idea home to you. You can skip between these beats, you see. Now, the beats altogether make a pattern simultaneously and the pattern is the entity.

… ([Rachel:] “We are using our existence as the dream?”) 

What I have said applies to what you just said. In one context, what you call physical reality, is a dream, but in a larger context, it is a dream that you have created and when you realize that you form it, then you come into the memory of your whole self. 

And when you realize that you form the events of your life, in the same way that you form the events of a dream, then you learn to grasp a hold of your entire consciousness and to take a hold of the life that is your own in whatever aspect it shows itself. Now, through all of this you must realize that you are not powerless and physical reality is a dream. You have created it, it was not thrust upon you. You can come to yourselves, therefore, through psy-time and remember also, that this dream is a dimension of experience and reality even if it is, in contrast, a dream in a higher level of reality in which you have your larger consciousness. And now I bid you good evening and I bid you pleasant dreams and when I tell you to remember your dreams I mean all of them.

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