Friday, April 24, 2020

Extracts from Seth Class Session, January 26, 1971


… No system of consciousness is ever closed, only you pretend that they are closed.

Now your personality has no limits. Now each of you, in this reality, have decided upon emphasizing certain characteristics and forgetting others. You have allowed, therefore, certain characteristics to come to the surface, and you are aware of them and you use them and you think these characteristics are myself. 

The ego is a king with a very precarious crown, and you think you are what your ego is. It does not occur to you, however, that there are literally countless, countless probable egos within yourself, numberless abilities that could come to the foremost of your consciousness to be latched upon and used. You are unaware of these buried selves, these buried abilities, these buried creative functions and combinations, and yet in other layers of reality these come to the forefront and you allow these their play and the characteristics that you think of now so securely as your own, these are buried. But while they are buried, they are not unaware, they are in trance and you can become aware of them. 

Within the self that you know there are countless combinations of selves that you do not admit, and in other layers of probable realities these selves have their say and live out their potential. They are sleeping within you in this reality, but in those realities you are sleeping within them as latent potential. 

Now the trees that you see outside the window you see simply as trees because you perceive them only through the physical viewpoint, and yet even these trees have potential abilities and potential combinations of consciousness that you do not perceive and that exists in other probable realities. 

(To Ned.) And you find rest beneath trees that are not physical, and you travel quite safely in areas that are not physically perceived.


(To Sue.) Within you, for example, and everyone in the room, there is an unlimited amount of what you would call identity. Now all you do when you have an identity and focus on it, is grab out of your own bank of potentials a group of potentials and say, “these are the ones I will settle upon for now, and these I will call my identity, and so I will use these and I will ignore anything else.” But another portion of the self says, “ah hah, these potentials are not used, they are freewheeling and I will adapt these and these will be those potentials with which I will work.” There are no potentials within you that are not being realized and no creative abilities that are not being used.

(To Joel.) Now, our friend here has taken his first steps from the diving board and his brave friend here is afraid that he will drown. You are beginning to use abilities that you have always had. Beginning, in Ruburt’s terms, therefore, do not get uptight about using them. When you are learning to walk or swim you do not stop to think, “How am I doing this, will I meet a mean old fish or not, will I pull?” and you do not imagine the dire consequences that may, therefore, attend you and do not do so now. You have a level head, and so do you, use it. That is all the advice that you need. Enjoy your freedom. 

Recognize the fact that distortions will occur, particularly in the beginning. You are flesh and blood at this point of space and time as you think of it, and not sterile pure air, therefore, what you receive will automatically come through the subconscious layers of your mind. There will be specks of subconscious dust on it. Later you can wipe them off, but do not discard the entire experience because you fear these specks of dust. Learn to work through them. And he will not go beyond some point where you cannot follow. You will not lose him in a nether land or some forsaken place where you cannot reach him, so do not fear that. Instead, if the abilities are used, and used widely, you will find you will come closer together and not further apart and without the security of knowing that you are there he would not use the ability. He would not use them for he needs to know that the physical universe, like the floor, is directly beneath his feet and that there is someone there who wants to make very sure that he will get back. Therefore, the doubts that you voice are also his own unvoiced ones so do not be ashamed of them. Do you follow me? You are beginning. The personality that you are now encountering will also change for he is also beginning in his own line of endeavor.

([Don Palmer:] “When you say we have all been involved in a previous life with these problems, what problems in particular are you referring to?”) 

Problems involving the nature of consciousness, the nature of reality and problems regarding the responsibility of consciousness to All That Is. Questions as to whether or not All That Is exists and if so your place within it and your responsibilities and your joyous abandon.

… The meaning of your being and the meaning of All That Is is as close to you as your breath and if there is any division between you and All That Is it is a completely artificial division that you have yourselves erected and maintained.

… You cannot stand apart from All That Is and examine it. You are a part of it. You can wonder about the nature of existence and about your own purpose but you cannot deny either, since you are alive and who wonders then about the nature of reality and your own purpose. Who is the self that wonders and where does it derive its meaning and its energy. The answers, basically, are not to be found by listening to me, although I can help you, the answers are to be found by listening to the inner voice within yourself. Your heartbeat has more to tell you than any philosopher’s word if you once listen to them and feel what they say. There is no reality within you that you do not understand if you open yourself to the feeling and the understanding. 

Each of you are more miraculous in this particular moment than any of you presently suppose, but you hide the miracles from yourselves. Intellectually you try to imagine what I am and yet you should be trying to feel what you are. And if I speak through this woman, then what should this tell you about the nature of human personality and since you all have human personalities at this point, what questions should this make you ask of yourselves. The answers are already given, you have only to ask the proper questions. 

The gods do lie sleeping in the grasses but their sleep is a very active sleep indeed, and their dreams have more vitality than you have ever imagined. And in the tip of your toe, in the most minute cell within your little toe, there is an energy and a knowledge and a power that you have not used and have not yet understood. And if All That Is knows what humility is, then it knows what it is to be the most minute cell within your little toe and it knows what it is to be the most powerful hydrogen molecule within the most gigantic star. And the same power is within each. 

Now you can all play around with your vocabulary, but what you know is not dependent upon words and do not allow them to limit you.

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