Saturday, March 7, 2020

Quote from Vol 1 of Jane Roberts Class Sessions

And when you hear me speak, it is not only my vitality that you hear, but it is also your own vitality—for I am also a part of All That Is—and if I am ancient and new, so are you ancient and new. And there are miracles in this room, and miracles in each and every room which you must learn to perceive. There are joys and vitalities within you which you do not perceive, that you must learn not to understand intellectually but to feel. And you think because I speak to you when you are here that I belong here. But I am a part of no particular room and no particular time and no particular place. And you are a part of no particular room and no particular time and no particular place. Now to others that you do not perceive, you are as magical, you are as nebulous as a shadow falling upon a floor in mid-afternoon. They do not perceive you. And as they may not see your magic and your consciousness, so there are other magic shadows and other realities that you think beneath you that you do not perceive. But All That Is is aware of each shadow. And knows that each shadow... (break because of end of tape.) ... realities that they know. And my reality transcends this room. Then so does your reality transcend this room. And if Ruburt has access to my reality and if my reality sings through him...then my vitality is but a hint of All That Is—and that tiny and insignificant echo of the reality of all that exists. 

And the inner self that controls your breathing does not need you to consciously discipline it. And if you try to consciously discipline it then, indeed you can tamper with its beautiful, spontaneous order.


Do you think that the Son of God could be contained in one frame? Now, you have been given the free will because the spirit of Christ is within you, this does not mean that you do not have free will. The spirit of Christ gives you the life to do with it what you choose. Within you there are blueprints. You know what you are to achieve, as individuals and as people, as a race, as a species. You have free will, you can choose to ignore the blueprints. You can choose to ignore the blueprints for some time. You are learning that you are responsible. When you learn how to handle responsibilities, you will have a hand in very important matters.

Now, you have made physical reality something different than was intended. You did this through using your own free will, your egos have become overdeveloped, overly specialized. They are focused so strongly within physical reality and physical reality is far more painful than was originally intended. You are indeed in very strong respects within a dream. It is you who have made the dream too vivid. You were to work out problems and challenges, but you were always to be aware of your inner reality and of your true home. To a large extent you have lost contact with this. You have focused so strongly upon physical reality that it has become, indeed, reality. The only reality that any of you know. When you kill a man, most of you believe that you have killed him forever. And murder, therefore, is a crime and must be dealt with as such because you have created it and you must deal with it. You have created the crime. Death does not exist in those terms. In the dawn of history, in the dawn before history began, man changed form. They knew they (did not die). 

Listening to your tape, I see that I did not make one point clear. And it is this, then. No god created the crime of murder, and no god created sorrow and pain.

... What I have said, however, should serve to remind you when you question that these things were created by yourselves as you forgot your true beginnings, and only when you remember your beginnings will these cease.

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