Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The need for expression

Gabor Matte, a medical doctor, wrote the book “When the body says no”.  The book is about the many female patients that became desperately ill by staying in toxic relationships … examples of what Seth is talking about here!

“Behind all maladies, in the most basic manner lies the need for expression, and when people feel that their areas of growth are being curtailed, then they instigate actions meant to clear the road, so to speak.
“Before health problems show up there is almost always a loss of self-respect or expression.  This loss may occur in the environment itself, in changing social conditions.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 14, 1984)

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  1. Years ago I read several of Bernie Siegel's books. Amazing insights. But something I have remembered about his writing as clearly as the day I read it is that dis-ease may manifest in the body as a result of toxic relationships. Often people die from cancer as a result but equally as important to note is that when people recognize the toxicity of a relationship and choose to leave it, they become healthy again. The cancer leaves when they do.