Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Reincarnational Expansiveness

It's hard for us to really understand the freedom that we have innately to experiment with different life contexts and experiences - individually and collectively - because we have an infinite (and every expanding) set of possibilities to explore, in this and other realities.  We finish every lifetime with more questions than answers ... that propel our exploration of the infinite Cosmos of possibilities.

The problem we have with our cultural imprinting is that we seem to think we only have one lifetime in which to do it all … and to do it perfectly!  It is a belief system that enables central governments and religions to exert a degree of control over the populace.  In our concept of duality, this type of control appears to be essential for humanity to grow and function collectively, but there are countless other possibilities out there.

In truth, we choose puddles of time/space/reality (epochs) to explore with our soul buddies … ever growing in love and awareness … like children playing make-believe.  There are literally an unlimited number of potential epochs, buddies, dramas, etc. so we’re not short on material to explore in any lifetime that peaks our interest.

It’s nice to know that …

“It certainly seems to you, or to many of you, that most people would always choose to be born healthy and whole, in an excellent environment, of parents with loving natures and genetic excellence – and in other words to grow up healthy, wealthy, and wise.
“Life, however, is far too profound and multitudinous, and requires great depths of emotional response and action that could never be satisfied adequately by any given set of circumstances, however favorable.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 15, 1984)

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