Sunday, July 28, 2019

Freedom of choice for a fetus

The “pro-life” advocates would have real problems with this … fortunately, reality is not as simple as they want it to be.  It always struck me odd that we expected the Creator of All That Is to be limited by our beliefs and understandings.  Now that is the ultimate in human egoism!

“I do not want to generalize, for each living situation is too unique for that. I do want to point out that all fetuses do not necessarily intend to develop into normal babies, and that if medical science, through its techniques, ends up in directing a normal birth, the consciousness of the child may never feel normally allied with physical experience.
“The child may go from one illness to another, or simply display an odd disinclination for life – a lack of enthusiasm, until finally in some cases the child dies at an early age.  Another individual, under the same circumstances, might change its mind and decide to go along with the experience of normal life.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session June 15, 1984)

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