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(Q)  [Charles: "Or ... do you want to pose Martha's question before we leave the topic?  'It is about using 3D and 3D's conditions of existence to carefully forge a mind - a soul - that will thereafter function in non-3D as a unique mirror, or touchstone, among the others already existing'.  Can she please clarify this statement, especially the part about being a unique mirror?  Mirror of what or for what purpose or to whom?"]

(A)  What I meant is simple enough.  The 3D-created mind serves as a window, or mirror, or interpreter, call it, to the non-3D mind it connects to.  And that mind, of course, connects with others closest to it, and ultimately to all minds.

(Q)  I can see that this is going to cause us to do some work, Rita.  I see clearly what you're wanting to convey, and it is much like the time I was acting as translator for the guys, trying to give you the concept of spools and threads, and even as I would speak, I would hear how every word was open to being misinterpreted by you because of the associations each word would bring, that would tempt you off-trail - and finally they told me to paint it, so that your eyes could see the relationships as I explained them.  But I don't know how we would paint this one.  It's simple, but not so easy to describe in words without the words themselves - like "mirror", like "window" - getting in the way.

(A)  Perhaps we can get at it by analogy.  Start with the saying you like and see if that clarifies things.

(Q)  All right.  One time I was in the emergency room of the hospital, and, as I lay there recovering, I watched the nurses spending all their day tending to people.  I thought of a saying I had read, that "God has no hands to use but ours", and I thought, how true.  The nurses weren't necessarily all emotional over the incoming patients - how could they be, if they had to deal with people needing help all the time? - but they were an effective example of love in everyday manifestations.

(A)  Without going into the theological implications, perhaps it will be clear that, just as 3D hands are required if one is to deal with 3D situations, so 3D eyes - 3D awareness - is required if one is to experience 3D as it appears when one is within it.

(Q)  Perhaps unfortunate that "3D eyes" suggests visuals, as "seeing visions" suggests movies.

(A)  But perhaps mentioning the possibility of misunderstanding is enough to avert it.

At any rate, it is those who experience 3D reality who serve as interpreters of 3D to those who have not experienced it.

(Q)  A form of telepathy, I suppose, just as you and I are doing now.

(A)  Yes, that is actually a very close analogy.  But if the other person did not exist - if the person serving to mirror 3D did not exist for the non-3D person to link with - how would the transfer proceed?

(Q)  Nothing transfers but awareness.  Nothing moves or is subtracted from one place and put into another.  It is just a matter of information processing, only the information in total - not just words or concepts - in fact, not primarily words or concepts, but the whole feel of an experience.  And it isn't so much being transferred from one being to another being, necessarily, as from one part of one to another part (3D to non-3D) and hence potentially anywhere.

(A)  If you think that will help, good.  And you might round out the answer by adding that the purpose is the same as the purpose in shaping minds in 3D in the first place.  The non-3D has a stake in the creation of 3D minds, and therefore a stake in 3D matters, in a way quite different than you in bodies commonly think.

(Q)  The guys told us, long ago, they don't particularly care about our political or economic arrangements.

(A)  No, the list of things we don't care about from this side is extensive!  How concerned are you about the results of the daily chariot races in ancient Rome?  But you might very easily have an abiding interest in the mind and heart and daily life and struggles of any particular ancient Roman.

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